Fender John Mayer Limited Edition Black1 The Black One Custom Shop Stratocaster Guitar - $22,500


Fender John Mayer Custom Shop Materbuilt Black1 Stratocaster Guitar.  Limited edition of only 83 guitars worldwide!  JC1559. Masterbuilt by John Cruz!  After over a year of rumors and speculation, the John Mayer Custom Shop Masterbuilt Limited Edition Black 1 Stratocaster has arrived!  Guitar comes with a hardshell/rubber travel case and an Incase gigbag.  Also included with the guitar is a personalized letter from John Mayer with signature describing the Black1, a DVD of the making of the Black1, certificate of authenticity, and warranty info.  These guitars sold out before they were even officially released!  Some shops had lists of 80 people long waiting for one of these Strats.  The demand for these John Mayer Black1 Strats is just incredible and it all sprang from a blog post that John Mayer released in 2009 that described a dead on accurate masterbuilt recreation of his trusted "The Black One" Strat.