Fender Masterbuilt John Mayer Prototype Stratocaster Stage Played JM002 Proto


2004 Fender Masterbuilt John Mayer Prototype Signature Stratocaster.  This was a personal guitar of John Mayer and was used on the 2004 and 2005 tour.  Serial number JM002. This was one of John's main stage guitars for that time period. 

Fender Masterbuilder Chris Fleming made two prototypes of the John Mayer Signature Strat in June of 2004 and gave them both to John Mayer for his 2004 and 2005 tours.  The serial numbers of these guitars were JM001 and JM002 and both were stamped "Proto" above Chris Fleming's signature.  John used these two guitars as his main stage guitars for the remainder of his 2004 tour and his 2005 tour.  At the conclusion of his tours, John kept JM001 and gave JM002 back to Chris Fleming as a thank you gift. 

Now for the story on how I got this guitar.  Chris Fleming used a Fender photographer for his wedding pictures, and Chris bartered this guitar to the Photographer for payment for his services.  The photographer then sold this guitar at a later date.

Not only is this guitar 1 of only 2 prototypes of John Mayer's Signature Strat (which Fender released in 2005), but it was used extensively on stage by John Mayer throughout his 2004 and 2005 tours.  I have studied several pictures from that tour, and John used JM001 and JM002 extensively.  The only way to tell which guitar John is playng is to look at the tortoise pattern on the pickguards.  Luckily, JM002 has a very characteristic pattern in the tortoise shell pickguard, so it is possible to tell from pictures when he is playing it on stage.  So far, I have collected close up pictures of John Mayer playing this guitar at 7 different shows.  These photos are on a zip drive as well as printed out in a binder with the guitar. If you happen to have additional photos of John playing this guitar from 2004 or 2005 (have to match up tortoise pattern on pickguard, as John had a few sunburst strats on that tour), let us know!


This guitar is not for sale.


More information regarding John Mayer Prototype Strats.

There were a total of 4 prototype strats made by Chris Fleming.  The first 2 prototypes have serial numbers JM001 and JM002.  Both of these were custom built for John Mayer and were given to John by Chris Fleming and both were used on tour starting in June 2004.  John still owns JM001 and he gave JM002 back to Chris Fleming after the 2005 tour.  Both JM001 and JM002 came with certificates of authenticity from Fender signed by Chris fleming.  Both of these have the "proto" decal on the back of the headstock.  There were 2 additional prototypes that Chris fleming made.   Both of these have handwritten "proto 1" or "proto 2" above Chris Fleming's decal on the back of the headstock.