Fender Stratocaster - Reissue Strat Cases

Fender Reissue Strat Case Exterior
All AVRI strats came with a Fender tweed case with brown leather handles and endcaps.  The center latch was also different between Fullerton era and Corona era cases.  Fullerton era cases had a flaired upper hing on the center latch while the Corona era cases had a square shape.  The very first reissue cases from 1982 did not have the metal "Fender" tag on the outside of the case.  It was not until after the first few months of production that Fender added the metal "Fender" tag to the outside of the case, near the leather handle.

  • 1982 reissue strat case with flaired latch

  • 1982 fullerton era center latch strat case

  • 1989 reissue strat case with squared latch

  • 1989 corona era center latch

  • Foot pegs found on all reissue cases

  • Brown leather handle found on all reissues


Fender Reissue Strat Case Interior
The Fender Reissue Strat cases had interiors lined with red/orange fuzzy material.  Fullerton era strat cases have the typical duckfoot leather pull tab on the interior compartment while later cases have an oval pulltab.  The Fullerton era strat cases also tend to have a darker red hue to the interior, whereas cases from the Corona factory are typically more orange.  It was not until the mid/late 1990's that G&G began placing oval metal tags on the inside compartments.  Sometime in the late 1990's/early 2000's the red/orange fuzzy interior was replaced with a sleeker crushed velvet type interior.

  • 1982 reissue strat tweed case interior

  • 1982 fullerton era "duckfoot" pull tab

  • 1989 corona era oval pulltab

  • 1994 reissue strat case with G&G metal tag